Isobel and Vanessa chat, fed by cans of 'Club Orange'

Isobel and Vanessa chat, fed by cans of 'Club Orange'

Modern social interaction, via the mobile phone

Outside the Sugan Chair

Milling around outside the Sugan Chair café

The river surges by the aptly-named Cascades

Isobel watches the frothing river

Blake and Linnane: two closed shops in Ennistymon

A derelict hut, and a sign for a post office

Peeling red paint on corrugated iron

The quaint, but abandoned, Ennistymon Post Office

A painted shop

Isobel roams around near derelict buildings

Isobel stands about

Discarded pallets

An abandoned Massey-Ferguson 165 tractor

Buildings by the river

Wandering around Ennistymon

A derelict house

Walking up that hill

Inside a derelict chapel on the top of the hill

A view over Ennistymon

Rows of houses

Derelict chapel on a hill

A very rusty iron railing

Isobel walks past the Ennistymon Spar

More peeling paintwork

A fruit and vegetable stall

Ennistymon street life

The first view of the Burran

A derelict chapel

The derelict chapel houses some artefacts

Isobel inspects her feet

Animal feeders and a pile of pallets

A graveyard

We discover a partially-excavated alien fossil

A small window lets in some light

Isobel and Gary say hello to a dog

A derelict building

The derelict building with debris scattered outside

An imposing haunted shell of a once-grand house

Road sign to Ennis and Lisdoonvarna

Walking a Burran road

Cows on a hill

Cows silently observe Nosher taking photos

More cows on the Burran

A line of shifty cows watches from the distance

Loosely-packed stone walls

A track runs off to the horizon

More gloomy cows on the windswept moor

A solitary boat

Cute little cottages at Ballyvaughan

Gary stands on the sea wall

Gary walks along the sea wall

Vannessa giggles in a 'pretend to be in a band' photo

The sea at Ballyvaughan

Gary and Vanessa

A seafood pub at Ballyvaughan

Gary goes abseiling over the breakwater

A tangle of rope

A blue rope

Along the coast road, there's a small lighthouse

Gary stands, watching, on the top of a cliff

Breakfast back at the B&B

The lurid orange of Bofey Quinn

Isobel stands outside a pub in the damp

The main street of Corofin

Cake is eaten

More cake is cut

A couple of cats sit in a window

A ton of wedding cake

Father Ted's house!

Vanessa and Isobel outside Father Ted's house