Isobel and James chat

Isobel and James chat

Lucy gets her face painted

Nick with his baby

Lucy and Lucy's brother

Isobel juggles

More juggling demonstrations

Isobel concentrates hard

Juggling clubs

Isobel juggles clubs

James juggles

Isobel and Ryan leap about in the bouncy castle

Tim and Mrs. Tim

Bubble time

Face painted

The boy in the bubble

Isobel plays around with Nadine-sprog

Nick munches his way through a heap of prawns

Martin loads up

Nicksprog 2

Nick's baby roams about

Baby corner

Julian, James and Kat practice their 'skills'

Isobel gets a bit of artwork applied

Sheltering from the rain

Isobel gets to see the end result

Isobel's completed face

Mrs Tim has a go at face painting

In the painting corner

Martin and Julian

It's time for a fire-eating demonstration

Andrea and her daughter

Flying rubber chickens

Julian and James

Putting the fire out

Pepé unicycles a three-wheeled machine

A round of applause

Kat has a bit of a face-paint moment too

Martin gets his kite out

James retrieves Martin's crashed kite

A small boy legs it with a balloon stash

A small child with balloons

Isobel tests out a plastic bow and a party blower