A Cambridge Barbeque - 2nd August 2006

Isobel, Sam and "Bus Stop" Rachael have a Saturday barbeque around their pad in Cambridge's Mill Road area

next album: A Trip to Aldeburgh, Suffolk - 10th August 2006
previous album: Qualcomm Cambridge "Go Ape" in Thetford Forest - 27th July 2006

A derelict second-hand bookshop on the top end of Fore Street in Ipswich

Rachael and Sam in the back garden

James, Isobel, Rachael and Sam share a laff

Isobel looks somewhat shocked by mysterious blobs of cheese

Nosher pokes things around on the barbeque

Janet gets ready to eat a tasty home-made burger

Isobel applies tzatziki to her food stash

James models his shades

Hot mystery chili sauce from the local Chinese supermarket is applied

James makes a sandwich out of 'fake' cheese and chili sauce

sun-lit clouds over a television aerial

A tea-light illuminates a bottle of Pimms

Later on, James gets out an indian finger piano

Everyone grabs a random musical instrument for a spot of instant DIY Gamelan

Isobel, with Nosher on rhythm eggs

More percussive synchonicity

Janet thrashes a tambourine whilst James has a go on harmonica

Sam plays guitar

Religious graffiti

The chapel of 'St. Phili', on Mill Road, reaches for the sky

A curious hairdresser's window on Mill Road, Cambridge

In a nice closing symmetry, Isobel walks past a boarded-up old record shop on Kingston Street

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A derelict second-hand bookshop on the top end of Fore Street in Ipswich