Qualcomm Cambridge "Go Ape" in Thetford Forest - 27th July 2006

To celebrate getting a bunch of software "out of the door", a corporate gig is arranged at "Go Ape" in the depths of Thetford Forest near Brandon. This basically involves high-wire stuff between tree-tops, climbing up wobbly rope ladders, Tarzan leaps (of faith) and exhilirating slides along several "Flying Foxes" of various lengths. The event is nearly stopped before it even starts, as thunderstorms threaten to let loose in the area and we're in danger of being struck by lightning (what with being up talls trees and everything). However, the weather (temporarily) moves on so tree-climbing commences. It's pretty humid, hard work and some of the routes are frankly quite scary (crossing a single steel wire between two trees, 12 metres up in the air, for example) but it is pretty cool coming back down the long slides at the end of each stage. Following these arboreal antics, there's a barbeque which finishes just in time for a torrential downpour (a resumption of the UK's monsoon season, following a few-week hiatus in favour of uncommonly hot weather)

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The team get harnessed up in the rain

A somewhat-sodden Leon

Martin 'pirate' D stands out in bright orange

Julian wonders what all the bits of rope do

A wooden ape sculpture balances a bottle of water on its head

Wandering off into the forest

Craig is one of the first up on the training course

Dave B, Craig and the instructor pause on a training tower

Dave slides down

Craig has a go

Later on, at stage 3, Francis contemplates a huge Tarzan leap

Tim S lands in a heap of sawdust

The relief on Francis' face is palpable as he lands in a cargo net

Isobel, after a tentative start, makes it into the cargo net

Julian swings across

More Tarzan swing action

Liam comes in to land

The group somewhere in the trees

Stef lands and gives it the wild horse-eye look

Nick B makes a pretty good running-stop landing

Dan B's hair is blown into a funky bouffant by the wind

Leon crashes into the wood-shaving heap

Francis looks a little worried on his final approach

Isobel unclips herself

Julian lands (eyes closed all the way?)

A path wanders off through the wet forest

Leon crosses a two-wire rope bridge

Francis gets off the final slide

Meanwhile, Marc from San Diego (well, Holland really) and Tim ably man the barbeque

Tim flips burgers

Martin, Erica and Craig mill about

Food is served; tomato ketchup is squeezed

Lucy tests the burgers for their state of readiness

Barbeque scene

Craig licks tomato ketchup off his finger

Julian and Lucy

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The team get harnessed up in the rain