The London Eye, and Bill's BBQ, London and Suffolk - 21st-23rd July 2006

Nosher and Isobel take a trip "Dahn Lahndahn" to try out the BA London Eye for the first time. We stay with a friend of Is's in a groovy flat in a funky part of North London just up the road from Islington, near to Upper Street (which seems to be made up entirely of restaurants). It's a great couple of days during what must be the hottest weekend of the year (well into the 30°'s): the city is sweltering, sultry and sticky (and remained that way all night too), and the underground is, well, something else. The pavement cafés and bars are packed, particularly as anything without air-conditioning is simply too hot to bear being stuck in (which influences our choice of Saturday restaurant somewhat). During Saturday we meet up with Nosher's Sis near Borough Market, and have a few beers, followed by Tapas at Tapas Brindisa before we head back to the aforementioned Upper Street. To round off, we (well, Nosher) ends up slurping a few Amarettos before running up the road after a Number 43 bus, before heading back by train the day after. On Sunday, Nosher heads round to Bill's for a swift barbeque...

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The sun sets over London

Inside the capsule

Waterloo Station (and the International terminal)

The adjacent capsule goes 'over the top' with the Houses of Parliament in the background

Isobel peers out over London

The sodium-floodlit Houses of Parliament

Nosher and Isobel

Back on the ground, looking up at 'The Eye'

On the South Bank, Isobel says hello to a statue

Looking out over the Thames

Choosing food in Wagamama's near the Festival Hall on the South Bank

On Saturday, we meet up with Sis at the Anchor pub near Borough Market

Scoffing tapas in Brindisa, Borough Market

Nosher and his Sis

Nosher in black-and-white

Isobel in Tapas Brindisa

Pub Life: Borough Road, London Bridge

Isobel checks in; Sis mills about

In Caoimhe's flat

Back in Suffolk, Guv gets a beer as Bill scoops up dead flies from the kitchen floor

Clare, Mikey-P, Andy and Carmen

The twins: Mikey-P and Andy go head-to-head

Mikey-P sets fire to the barbeque

Mikey-P: tart

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The sun sets over London