The team get harnessed up in the rain

The team get harnessed up in the rain

A somewhat-sodden Leon

Getting used to the harnesses

Martin 'pirate' D stands out in bright orange

Julian wonders what all the bits of rope do

An ape sculpture has a bottle of water on its head

Craig grabs a rope

Dave B on a wire

Dave and a trainer

Dave slides down

Craig on a zipwire

Francis contemplates a huge Tarzan leap

The relief on Francis' face is palpable

Francis takes a photo

Leon with a camera

Isobel makes it into the cargo net

More Tarzan swing action

Liam comes in to land

Amongst the trees

Stef lands and gives it the wild horse-eye look

Nick B makes a pretty good running-stop landing

Isobel comes in to land

Julian unclips

Francis gets off the final slide

Barbequed burgers

Marc Nijdam manage the burgers

Tim Simpson pokes a sausage

Tim flips burgers

Martin, Erica and Craig mill about

Tim roams about

Lucy and Marc

A burger is plucked from the fire

A wave from the barbeque gang