The BBs Play Athelington Hall, Suffolk - 29th June 2006

The BBs are booked to play for Hartismere's school leavers' do at Athelington Hall near Horham in the depths of Suffolk. Set up's fairly early, and so having a bit of time to kill we escape for an hour to the Worlingwirth Swan for a healthy dinner of crisps (although later on, back in the marquee, Henry manages to wangle us some apple pie from the caterers)

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Setting up the gear

Henry sound-checks his kit

Jo and Rob mill around, in front of a set of helium balloons spelling 'class of 2006'

Jo grins

Max looks a bit nonplussed

Close-up of shiny balloons

One party-goer from Hartismere arrives in a Volvo tractor unit

Rob twiddles with the desk

Jo shares a laugh with the organiser (left)

Later, we escape for a beer in the Worlingworth Swan

Henry listens to something on Max's iPoo

A field of barley, near the marquee, waves in the breeze

Sunset over the open countryside

A derelict trailer of some description

A close-up of some football netting

Henry peers out of the marquee

At the end of the gig, and the marquee is empty.

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Setting up the gear