Setting up the gear

Setting up the gear

Jo on the mic

Henry waits behind his kit

Henry sound-checks his kit

Jo and Rob

Max surveys the stage

Jo grins

Max looks a bit nonplussed

Max is hanging around

One party-goer arrives in a Volvo tractor unit

Rob lies back

Jo shares a laugh with the organiser (left)

Boys in tuxes and girls group together for a photo

Jo does a roll-up from the back of her car

Crisps for tea in the Worlingworth Swan

Henry and Jo

Rob writes up a set list

Max and Henry

Henry listens to something on earphones

A field of barley waves in the breeze

A derelict trailer of some description

A close-up of some football netting

Jo checks the set list

Henry peers out of the marquee

At the end of the gig, and the marquee is empty.