Qualcomm Cambridge Moves Offices - 26th July 2006

Nosher's place of work moves a mile from one side of Milton Road in Cambridge (from the mini Police State that is the Business Park) to the other, in the shape of the campus-like Science Park - which was really the culmination of the original vision right back in those heady 3G Lab days. During the move, we have to return to the old place to clear up the remaining detritus before the lease can be completed, which gives a last chance to look around the building in more-or-less the same state it was before we moved in, back in 2001...

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In (the old) Matrix House, Craig rummages about for something

Lucy files some stuff

Louise mills about

Craig comforts James

The old Stick Game room

Nosher's old desk (version 5, behind the small tree)

A big reel of bubble wrap - pink on the outside, white in the middle

A bunch of bright red fire extinguishers

More 'crate city'

Mathworks' (Matrix House) reception

Liviu gets his stuff together

Later, in the new building, Nick sorts his cabling out

If the old place was 'crate city', then this is something else...

Cleaning windows in the downstairs mini-kithen

Debs, almost hidden behind a bunch of boxes

Upstairs, there's more space...

...whereas downstairs it's a bit chaotic

The comms room

By the back door: a heap of crap

Groovy big electrical switchgear

Meanwhile, back at the now-vacated Matrix House: a tip

Broken Cat-5 panels

A solitary chair roams about

A whole nest of snipped cables

Clare looks a bit lost in the old East Wing

Outside, the skip had been empty when we arrived

Up in the roof void of New Building

Bundles of orange fireproof Cat-6 cable

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In (the old) Matrix House, Craig rummages about for something