The user-testing suite;s window has been removed

The user-testing suite;s window has been removed

Craig rummages about for something in Matrix House

Nosher's old desk

One of the conference rooms

The devices lab is still in use

A corner of the office

Louise mills about

Craig comforts James

The old Stick Game room

The staff kitchen

A big reel of bubble wrap - pink and white

A bunch of bright red fire extinguishers

More 'crate city'

Mathworks' (Matrix House) reception

The building's reception front desk

Mathwork's upstairs balcony

More vacant desks

There's a queue for food in the new building

The new engineering area

Nosher's desk is by the window

Glass-walled offices

Arun looks around

Nick sorts his cabling out in the new office

It's even more 'cable city' than the old office

Cleaning windows in the downstairs mini-kithen

Debs, almost hidden behind a bunch of boxes

Downstairs is a bit chaotic

The comms room

Clare wanders around armed with bins

By the back door: a heap of crap

Groovy big electrical switchgear

There's a massive pile of cardboard out the back

Stuck on the A14 on the way back home

Poppies by the road near Wikham Skeith

Poppies and barley

A solitary poppy

Some small pink flowers

The next day, the old office is almost empty

Matrix House is a bit of a tip

A wrecked floor socket and network outlet

Clare tidies up

A solitary chair

The old reception desk

The almost-empty office

Clare looks a bit lost in the old East Wing

Outside, the skip had been empty when we arrived

Up in the roof void of New Building

Bundles of orange fireproof Cat-6 cable