California Snow: San Bernadino State Forest - 26th March 2006

It's fairly unusual for there to be snow in Southern California, and so millions of people stream up to the mountains to see it, play in it, and in our case, take photos of it. Nosher gets a ride along with fellow employee and shutterbug Ken, and his wife Jen (plus their dog) out along I-8, up Sunrise Highway and into San Bernadino State Park forest. It's always a welcome change to get a chance to hang out with fellow photographers, as we hike out up the Lightning Ridge Trail - Nosher with his trusty Pentax, Jen with a rather cool panoramic Hasselblad and Ken with a Nikon and an amazing retro-style medium-format field camera (serious stuff).

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Jen stands astride a heap of ploughed snow

Ken does a bit of map-reading

Some interesting melting in the snowdrift

Ken, Jen and the dog pause by the trail marker

Skeleton trees

Woodgrain in a sawn tree-trunk

Dead stump, pointing skywards

Eroded wood

Hot rock

A tangle of twigs

Knotted wood

Ken checks composition under the cover of a field camera

The mark of Zorro

A headbanging woodpecker

A snowy path leads off into the forest

This dead tree has been seriously worked by a woodpecker

Bright green sphagnum moss on a burnt tree-trunk

A giant pine-cone

Wet wood chippings

Although the snow is a few weeks old, it's still at least a foot deep in places. Here's a foot-deep foot

At the top of Lightning Ridge Trail, a great vista and a dead, fallen tree

A snowy valley

Cute little purple flowers

Ken takes a light-meter reading as the field camera waits

Great tree-rings, in a nicely cracked stump

The dog looks up

A red filter is selected

Sunlight picks out tiny crystals of ice on the ground (wich sadly can't really be seen in this photo)

A rock festooned with multi-coloured lichens

A lone oak-leaf, backlit by the sun

Ken appears from behind a bush...

...whilst Jen waits a little further on

A kid emulates his snowman

A strange but cool effect caused by the shadow of an aircraft's contrail on higher cloud

Misty mountains heading towards the town of Julian, on Route 79

Objects in the rear-view mirror may appear closer than they are. On the road to Ramona.

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Jen stands astride a heap of ploughed snow