An Evening in Tijuana, Mexico - 25th March 2006

Tijuana, Mexico is only about 10 miles from downtown San Diego, or 20 from Nosher's apartment in La Jolla, so after having worked a few hours on Saturday, I thought it was about time to take a look. So with a few hours to spare on Saturday evening, Nosher drove down to the "Last U.S. Exit" ramp on Interstate 5 to leave the car and catch a Mexicoach bus across the border into Tijuana. The place is a bit of an eye-opener: there's a huge difference to nearby San Diego, even though the place is largely invaded by US teens who come over to subvert the States' under-21 drinking laws - everywhere there are bars and food outlets, and as night falls, taxis and cars stop and disgorge Mariachi musicians on to the street. It looks like some huge Mariachi showdown is about to go off. It doesn't, but as the darkness gathers on the back-streets, impromptu huddles of musicians coagulate into street bands and play to anyone who will listen. The streets themselves are almost reminiscent of Bangkok or Manila, with steaming trolleys of food being wheeled around. A conspicuous police presence keeps things under control, whilst back on the Paseo de la Revolucion (the main drag through TJ), clubs compete for passers-by with banging bass. The trip back reveals the true scale of what must be one of the busiest border crossings in the world, as an endless stream of people and traffic head back into the U.S.

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Tijuana's central Jai Alai court

A statue of a pelota player stands on the world outside the Jai Alai court

A street vendor wheels his foodstuffs downtown

On the southside of Tijuana, a local cervezaria

Southside Tiujanan tenements

An adapted US schoolbus trundles across an intersection

The neon sign of the central bus station

One of Tijuana's specialities is selling discount drugs to visiting Americans - pharmacies are everywhere

On the main strip, a food vendor sells 'Alotes y vasitos'

Looking down the main street

Illumniated 'welcome to Tijuana' sign

Funky backstreets, alive with market stalls

Off the beaten track, a barbershop does late-night business

Café open to the street

A shopkeeper sits in his tiny shop, waiting to sell stuff

Steaming food

TJ street corner

Crowds gather, and impromptu bands start up (someone plays double-bass near the door)

A friendly café owner spots Nosher taking photos and poses

Another street-side cafe

More random double-bass playing

A mysterious phone in a box up a lamp-post

A dairy shop, which black-and-white moos on a black-and-white chequerboard floor

Bizarre wig shop

The return of a friesan cow theme, and the world's dodgiest dentists' entrance

'Grey and white' taxi rank

Back in the bus station, strange piñatas hang from the ceiling

More strange piñatas at Tijuana Bus Station

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Tijuana's central Jai Alai court