The Sock is up a tree

The Sock is up a tree

There's a rainbow somewhere

Revolution Records is closed. A sad day

Works to extend Morrisons commences

Wet holes in the ground

The former Safeway, now Morrisons

A discarded digger bucket

The Sock looks around

The Sock perches on a branch

The remains of the original Vehicle 1.0

Green algae grows around the Astra badge

Soph-bags looks out

The Sock on Vehicle B

The wreck of Nosher's first car is hauled off

The wrecked Astra

The other, slightly less wrecked Astra

The manky front door

A pair of Commodore PETs

The gang in the Anchor

James has a laff

Isobel tries on a pair of glasses

Lucy and Julian do holdey-hands

Bus-stop Rachel has a giggle

Nosher and the arse-shaped chin

Julian, close up

Sam looks over

There's an impressive line-up of used glasses

The Fitzwilliam Museum

The top of Kings Parade in Cambridge

Isobel leans up against some railings

An empty Kings Parade

The Bridge of Sighs at St John's College

Isobel plays guitar in the penthouse

Isobel roams around on Mill Road

Isobel on Mill Road

Shaggy multi-coloured rugs

Back alleys of Cambridge

The derelict Kentford Little Chef has been cladded

All that remains of the Little Chef sign

The Kentford North former petrol station

The other side: Kentford South Little Chef

The derelict timber frame in Stoke Ash

Looking up the A140 at Stoke Ash

Stick game in the Yaxley Cherry Tree

Mikey P cues up

Bill lurks at the bar

The Boy Phil looks around

Bill and Sam Coe does some dancing

Sam Coe and a friend

Shaking hands after a game of stick

The lads in Gov's kitchen

Mikey P checks grilled meat products

Gov gets some breakfast

Breakfast in a sandwich

Hanging around in Gov's lounge