Cambridge Misc, and Midnight Colleges - 24th February 2006

Nosher spends a night in Cambridge, first starting off at Dojo's Noodle bar, where I failed to consume the huge plate of noodles on offer - much to the shock of the present Cambridge Qualcomm collective (even warranting a photo from James to record the moment). Next up, the gang head down to The Anchor by the Cam for several beers (including scary pints of Leffe) and then a midnight tour of the colleges (well, King's, Trinity and St John's) courtesy of Isobel the tourguide. There's then a wander down Mill Road to the Black Cat Café...

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Jules pretends he's on the phone

Julian and James chat

Isobel tries on a pair of bins

Lucy and Julian do holdey-hands

Julian pouts

Bus-stop Rachel has a laff

Julian, close up

A bit under-exposed, but nevertheless a photo of Nosher, plus Louise looking concerned

Leaving the pub, and an impressive line-up of used glasses

Isobel leans up against some railings at the start of our midnight college tour

The Bridge of Sighs at St John's College

Isobel plays guitar in the penthouse

Isobel on Mill Road

Shaggy multi-coloured rugs

Back alleys of Cambridge

A return to the derelict Little Chef and abandoned Kentford petrol station...

Derelict timber frame in Stoke Ash - it's been like this for years

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Jules pretends he's on the phone