GR8 Live at the Cock Inn, Diss - 4th February 2006

Max, bass player out of the legendary BBs, can also be found playing in the band GR8. On this occasion, it's in a packed Cock Inn, on Fair Green in Diss, and appears to co-incide with someone's 40th birthday party (the band even do a Ramones-style "happy birthday", just like in The Simpsons). Nosher, The Boy Phil and Bill head down (supposedly by bike, but Bill had a "flat tyre" so gave us a lift instead) and thrash around to some groovy sounds. Word.

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Ian out of 'The Harvs', and Geoff Sharkey in the background

Max on bass

Ian plays a bit of electric mandolin

Moody shot (deliberate, natch)

A lighting can frames the scene

Max has a laff

Geoff on vocals and guitar

Liam 'The Harvs' on drums

Check the fingering out

The woman in red had something to do with the party going on

Nosher gets a peck on the cheek

Phil looks worried as Bill gets close

Ian just picked out by red light

Tim A scowls at Nosher

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Ian out of 'The Harvs', and Geoff Sharkey in the background