The Bins of Cambridge and Kentford Little Chef Dereliction, Cambridge and Suffolk - 21st January 2006

After a Friday night out on the beer in Cambridge, in a Qualcomm Cambridge Beer-related Social Club inaugral session, Nosher crashes over in Isobel's penthouse pad. Following breakfast at the Black Cat Café on Mill Road, it's time to head off back home. On the A14, near Kentford in Suffolk, is the decaying remains of an abandoned Little Chef which had been the subject of a previous visit last September. The place has been significantly trashed since then - the old Kentford Filling Station North shop is just about a frame, and the interior of the Little Chef, which previously still had standing furniture and a ceiling, has been completely wrecked. As Francis "f-dude" from work said: "Nice entropy!". It's endlessly fascinating that places like this can just be left behind to rot away into the ground, seemingly without any interest or intervention from the original owners. But at least Anglian Water should make an appearance to turn the water off after reporting that someone seems to have trashed the water main as well

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Isobel slurps a frothy cappucino in the Black Cat Café

Cambridge's back streets seem to have as many wheelie bins as they do bicycles (and cones)

Ross Street in Cambridge

A skip on Ross Street, Cambridge

Ross Street wheelie bin

The remains of Kentford Filling Station North, on the A14

Not much is left of the petrol station shop

Smashed glass

The Little Chef bin still says 'help'

Somewhat useless lighting panel

A dustbin pleads for help

Kentford Filling Station on a sunny day

The flooded interior at the back of the Little Chef

Detritus around the back door

The completely-mashed interior

Broken safety glass around the entrance door

A hole has been hacked through 5mm-thick safety glass

All the ceiling panels have been pulled down

The windows of the Little Chef all seem to have been broken from the inside, as glass litters the outside of the building

Another view, from a now-broken window, of the trashed interior

The front of the Little Chef has fared slightly better

More piles of rubble

Wider view of the whole site from the edge of the A14

Linear plantation at Finningham, Suffolk

Lines of trees

Looking up a tree

Another straight line of trees

Footbridge over a stream, Finningham

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Isobel slurps a frothy cappucino in the Black Cat Café