The first task is to build 3D models of the area

The first task is to build 3D models of the area

Ray Mears inspects our 'models'

The group hikes off into the forest

Ray Mears spots some grasses covered in Ergot

Ray finds something interesting in a tree

Chris Boyton introduces his bows

There's an introduction to archery

Ray Mears with a stick

The tracks of a fox are pointed out

Fox tracks

Ray explains the differences between deer droppings

Chats in the woods

Ray lights beech bark with a spark

Ray gets a fire going

We are encouraged to get in touch with trees

We get a lesson in fire lighting

The Woodlore team's fire is going

Nosher's group's firelighting efforts

Campfires in the woods

The low winter sun shines through the trees

Our camp looks almost neolithic

Our camp fire gets going as Annette inspects

Ray and his group's camp

Nosher's group clear away all traces of our camp fire

Ray warms his longbow up over embers

Some archery occurs

Ray and Chris do a bit of 'roving archery'

Chris Boyton lets an arrow off

Ray has to dig one of his arrows out of a tree

Ray uses a quick-fire bushman hunting technique

Nosher takes aim under the eye of Chris Boyton

An iron-ore-tinged red stream

The uses of sphagnum moss are explained

A huge beech tree, pollarded 600 years ago

Ray carves pawprint track in a piece of fungus

Back at the car park

Ray does book signing on his Land Rover

Ray signs an axe

More signatures

Members of the group have photos taken

A photo with Ray Mears

Hanging around the Land Rover

The group disbands