A hallowe'en mask on a stick behind Browne's

A hallowe'en mask on a stick behind Browne's

The back alley behind Browne's

Peter Allen wanders about the Market Place in Diss

The 'potato people' and Greenwood's Apples

The egg dude waits for some punters

The farmer's market

Late autumn hedge, Witnesham, near Ipswich

A Suffolk barn in black paint

Sunset near Ashbocking, Suffolk

An Ashbocking sunset

A parhelion (Sun Dog) near Debenham, Suffolk

The lonely tree, outside Occold

At Bressingham, Rob twiddles with some knobs

The band's gear is scattered around

Rob looks over

Jo's on stage as Rob fiddles with a monitor

Henry's drumkit on stage

Henry surveys the scene

A dedication to the crew of the 'Finger M - Mike'

Late autumn gold, near Marc and Sue's

A carpet of golden leaves

Some twat dumps a load of paint pots on the triangle

Nosher's singwriting on the Swan's outbuilding

Pheasants hang on the door of Valley Farm

Pheasant feathers

Studies of Pheasant plumage

The pheasants hang in the only cat-proof place in the house