A Walk Around the Walled Garden, and Bob Last Leaves the Lab, Thornham and Cambridge - 20th November 2005

It's too nice a day to waste moping around the house doing sod-all, so Nosher and The Boy Phil wander off for a cycle ride over to Thornham and the Thornham Estate's walled garden, before a stop at the Four Horseshoes (of the apocalypse) for a few beers and a chance to rant about the world. Later in the week, Bob Last, marketing stalwart of 3G Lab and Trigenix, heads off, so there's another traditional send-off down at the Trinity Centre on Cambridge Science Park

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A farm-scheme replanted hedgerow in Thrandeston

Sunlight beams through a light mist, Thrandeston

Lane between Mellis and Thornham Parva

Thornham Parva thatched church

Thornham graveyard

The cute thatched church of Thornham Parva

The Mediaeval wall paintings inside Thornham church

Thornham Parva church's Nave, altar and rood-screen

More Mediaeval paintings

The Boy Phil reads village notices

The glasshouse within the walled garden

Phil examines a grassy plant

Black and tan seed heads

A lone splash of green

The fruit trees of the walled garden

Green plant with frosty dew


Doorway to the walled garden

Acorns in a bowl

Memorial plaque in a part of the grounds containing a horse and pet cemetary

A woodland folly


A nice sunset over the pond

More autumn leaves

A couple of sofas, and the door to the bogs

The snug bar at the Four Horseshoes

In Cambridge, Tim Simpson does a speech

Bob Last receives a parting gift

Bob does a speech

Dan looks up from his Ciabatta

Bill chats to Francis

Bob and Tim

Chewie and Andrew Clarke

Lucy looks wistfully at a case of flowers

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A farm-scheme replanted hedgerow in Thrandeston