A farm-scheme replanted hedgerow in Thrandeston

A farm-scheme replanted hedgerow in Thrandeston

Sunlight beams through a light mist, Thrandeston

Thornham Road, between Mellis and Thornham Parva

St. Mary's, Thornam - the thatched church

Thornham graveyard

The cute thatched church of St. Mary's

A Mediaeval arch

Mediaeval wall paintings inside the church

The nave, altar and rare rood-screen

More Mediaeval paintings

The Boy Phil reads village notices

The glasshouse within the walled garden

Phil examines a grassy plant

Black and tan seed heads

A lone splash of green

The fruit trees of the walled garden

Green plant with frosty dew

Glasshouses in the walled garden

Doorway to the walled garden

Acorns in a bowl

The Boy Phil wheels his bike around

Memorial plaque near the pet cemetary

A woodland folly

The Boy Phil roams around

A sunset over Thornham

A nice sunset over the pond

More autumn leaves

A couple of sofas, and the door to the bogs

The snug bar at the Four Horseshoes

The church at Thornham Parva by night

In Cambridge, Tim Simpson does a speech

Bob Last receives a parting gift

Bob does a speech

Dan looks up from his Ciabatta

Bill chats to Francis

Bob and Tim

Chewie and Andrew Clarke

Bob chats

Lucy looks wistfully at a vase of flowers