Thornham and the Walled Garden - 20th November 2005

It's a nice day - too nice to waste moping around the house doing sod-all - so Nosher and The Boy Phil wander off for a cycle ride over to Thornham and the Thornham Estate's walled garden, before a stop at the Four Horseshoes (of the apocalypse) for a few beers and a chance to rant about the world.

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Autumn lane (hedgerow replanted under some farm replanting scheme) - Thrandeston, Suffolk

Sunlight beams through a light mist, Thrandeston

Lane between Mellis and Thornham Parva

Dead-leaf tree

Thornham Parva thatched church

Thornham graveyard

Church door, Thornham Parva

Mediaeval wall paintings inside Thornham church

Thornham Parva church's Nave, altar and rood-screen

Church nave

The Boy Phil reads village notices

A mysterious abandonned baseball cap

Village sign

Glasshouse within the walled garden

Phil examines a grassy plant

Strange dried-out seed heads

A lone green leaf

A tree slowly loses its leaves

Green plant with frosty dew


Doorway to the walled garden

Acorns in a bowl

Pieces of bark in a dish

Phil contemplates the autumn scene

Sunlight in a tree

Memorial plaque in a part of the grounds containing a horse and pet cemetary

Phil walks back to the bikes behind the re-built mini chapel

A rock with eyes on a plinth


Sunset through trees and over a pond

More autumn leaves

Inside the Thornham Four Horseshoes

Thornham Horseshoes lounge bar

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Autumn lane (hedgerow replanted under some farm replanting scheme) - Thrandeston, Suffolk