Qualcomm Europe All-Hands at the Berkeley Hotel, and Covent Garden, London - 9th November 2005

It's Qualcomm' European all-hands event, at the Berkeley Hotel in London. Before that, Nosher and Dan walk over the A14 to Milton Country Park, and after the all-hands, there's time for a wander around China Town and Leicester Square at night

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On the way to Milton Park, Dan points out a 3G base-station lock

The Milton Cycle Bridge

A14. Eastbound.

A lake at Milton Park


Angelo and Russel 'Rusty' McHugh

Craig - Mr. Suit

The Cambridge gang

Angelo, Russell and Dan

Mingling guests

Liviu has a sit down

Stef does an 'oi! what's your game?'


Nick sticks a suit and tie on too

Stef, Craig and Ben

Like people in a cinema: James, Vijay and Franci

Pertti Johansson opens the presentations

Retired CEO, and now Chairman of Qualcomm, Dr. Irwin Jacobs

Irwin Jacobs again

Ties are removed as a reflection of regime change. Tim obliges

Pertti Johansson gets his tie off too

Paul Jacobs

Dr. Paul Jacobs

Paul Jacobs does a presentation

Steve Altman, Qualcomm President

Peggy Johnson, President QIS

Peggy shows off some of the punting photos

Sanjay Jha, President QCT

There's a Q and A session

Tim Simpson asks a question

Julian, Dave B and Francis in the hotel's bog

Julian grabs his briefcase

Outside the conference room, a skip full of discarded hoovers is spotted

There's no escape: Steve Hunt and Louise Auger do some OTA support

Richard gets a Qualstar

On the streets of London

The Wellington Memorial on Hyde Park Corner

Covent Garden's cobbles

Inside Covent Garden

Looking down towards the Strand

Street-stall lights at night

The downstairs bit in Covent Garden Market

The market

A couple of K6 phone boxes

Outside a theatre near Leicester Square

By the stage door

Theatre alleyway

Someone does a bit of pavement art

Café by night


Chickens hanging in a shop window

Chinese lanterns

A street cleaner

Outside Kowloon Fung supermarket

More street life

Neon signs

A modern church - come and adore

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On the way to Milton Park, Dan points out a 3G base-station lock