Pre-racing pre-amble: safety drill

Pre-racing pre-amble: safety drill

The design team hang out

Russell McHugh hangs off a railing

Isobel looks terrified

Isobel heads off

Bob checks his phone

Tim Simpson

Isobel drives around

The Qualcomm gang look out over the race track

Petay races

The karting track

Hands up in despair

Martin Dickens looks out

The race is on

It's a neck-and-neck race to the line

Arun chats to Isobel

Janet looks wistful

Tim and John Scott

Rob checks his phone

Francis holds up the E card

The starting grid

Tim makes a turn

Isobel still looks scared

Chewie, who bought his own helmet, wins

Francis and Arun

Russell and Francis

Liviu looks up

Debs sorts the menus out in Yim Wah

Food comes out

James and Tim

Ben covers his face

Rice is served

Dan Brunton looks glum as sizzling beef appears