Holkham, Cley and the Stiffkey Light Shop, North Norfolk - 6th November 2005

Mother and Mike are in the area for Mike's aunt's 90th Birthday in Oulton Broad, and so they arrange to stay for a night at the nearby Cornwallis Arms and hang out with Nosher for a bit. So we drive up through Norwich and Holt to Stiffkey and Holkham Hall on the North Norfolk coast, despite the rain, and have a root around

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Mike in the Three Swallows, Cley Next the Sea, Norfolk

Mike eats a bowl of mussels

whilst Mother has whitebait

The Three Swallows

Mike's new BMW

Sign for the beach, on the coast road, Cley

Stiffkey K6 phone box

Mike lurks outside the light shop

Inside the spectacular Stiffkey Light Shop

Doing the light fantastic

Thai-style statue

A bronze peacock

A cute little flint cottage

Interesting gargoyle in a flint wall, Stiffkey

Mother peers into the street

The Stiffkey Light Shop again

Stiffkey Antiques, a converted chapel

Holkham Hall's shop/ticket office

Table in the rain, and a camper van

Holkham Hall in the gloom

The Triumphal Arch, Holkham

Wines in the Holkham shop

Mother roams around in the shop

Café moment, Holkham

Top nosh at the Cornwallis Arms

Mike loads up with potatoes

Mother looks up

Mother holds up a bottle of Lebanese wine

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Mike in the Three Swallows, Cley Next the Sea, Norfolk