Apple, Pip and Alan by the bar

Apple, Pip and Alan by the bar

At the bar in St. Andrew's Hall

Russell and the SCC Massive

Russell tries to scratch off a Norwich quote

Russell, Dan 'Parrott', Russell, Nosher and Andrew B

Carol, Benny, Gerry and Gloria

The Cawston Silver Band get ready to kick off

Suey and Andrew

The other side of the bar

The Post-Horn Gallop

The post-horn guy heads off into the crowds

Crowd scenes

Paul wanders past

The Cawston's conductor does Jazz Hands

There's a load of singing going on

Wavy has a sing

Sarah and Wavy

The band takes the applause

Wavy licks Sarah's ear

Sazzle and Suey

There's a load of furious pint waving

Suey with a droopy roll-up ciggy

Wavy's in the zone

People with paper 'Nelson' hats

Andrew gets intimate with Wavy

Paul, Bindery Dave, Wavy, Twiglet Carl and Ping-Pong Peter

Parrott (40) phones his mum for a lift

Dave, Marc and Suey

Nosher (with beer-holster shirt) and Dave L

Wavy does a Michael Jackson-style crotch-grab

Ping-pong Peter grapples with Wavy's arse