The 28th Norwich Beer Festival - 26th October 2005

The annual Brome Swan trip to the Norwich Beer Festival in St. Andrew's Hall is undertaken, in a chartered bus which wisks us up from the pub to the fest's entrance, and importantly right past the huge queue that creeps all around the corner almost to Elm Hill. As ever, the fest is faultless, although global warming leads to unusual humidity and heat in the hall (outside was still around 13°C this year compared to -2°C about 8 years ago :-). Much beer is consumed, and the Cawston Silver Band is in attendance again (although they finished a bit early). It's also the first real test of a large-scale event with the new-ish super-wide-angle lens: it never ceases to amaze me how much more people will do if they think that you're in the press. All photos are flashless, 1600iso at 20th or 15th sec.

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Apple, Pip and Alan by the bar at commencement of festivities

Colin and his mate prop up the bar

Russell, from the Ipswich Massive, tries to scratch off the Norwich-related quote from his glass

The Ipswich posse: Russell, Dan 'Parrott', Russell, Nosher and Andrew B

Benny, Benny's-brother-look-a-like and Gloria

The band

Sue and Andrew

The important back-stage staff: the beer meisters

Doing the Post-horn Gallop

Someone I was speaking to in the bogs asks for a photo to be taken. Happy to oblige (and it resulted in extra beer-vouchers!)

Paul wanders past

A random bloke with Nelson tricorn-hat mugs for the camera



The band takes the applause

Wavy licks Sazzle's ear

Sazzle and Sue

Andrew gets intimate with Wavy

Paul, Bindery Dave, Wavy, Twiglet Carl and Peter Ping-Pong

Parrott (40) phones his mum for a lift

Dave L, MC Marcey-Marc and Sue

Nosher (with beer-holster shirt) and Dave L

Some random passer-by

Wavy does a Michael Jackson-style crotch-grab

The barrels

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Apple, Pip and Alan by the bar at commencement of festivities