The Banham Barrel Beer Bash, Banham, Norfolk - 17th September 2005

Time for lots of beer (or cider, depending upon personal preference) at the Banham Barrel. It makes a nice change to be there for something other than playing in a BBs gig (and a definite plus to be not driving - cheers Bill!).

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Celtic folk-rock

The Boy Phil, Bill and Sue

Funky fiddling

Alan W

Wavy and Tim A arrive later on

Crime against nature: a can of Eurofizz in front of barrels of real beer

Suey and Wavy Davy

Crowd scenes in the back-room of The Barrel (the former cider-making area)

The Boy Phil slugs beer

The A140 near Scole roundabout through Bill's dirty windscreen

Messing about listening to tunes in the lay-by on the Scole bypass

Sue lounges on the roof of Bill's car

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Celtic folk-rock