There's a confusing sense of scale

There's a confusing sense of scale

The Celtic folk/rock band Gypsy does its thing

Phil, Bill and Suey

Funky fiddling

Alan Warren's at the bar

The Boy Phil, Bill and Suey

Phil waves a festival program around

Wavy and Tim have a laff

Jonty pours a beer

There's an ironic can of John Smith's

Suey and Wavy

A transaction is completed

The crowd around the bar

Irish whistle action

A bit of whistle playing

Dancing in the Barrel's back room

The Boy Phil and Tim

Billy Boy

More dancing in the back room

The Boy Phil slugs beer

Wavy chats to Jonty

Wavy looks up

Jonty chats at the bar

More beer pouring

Jonty from the Barrel

Some empty glasses

Jonty tidies up a bit

Tim again

Wavy gets his eyes opened

Suey and Phil

Wavy gets a hug

The A140 near Scole roundabout

Suey looks up into the sky

Listening to tunes in the lay-by on Scole bypass

Sue lounges on the roof of Bill's car