Alan and Abigail

Alan and Abigail

Jill ponders stuff

DH stares out of the window

Marc eats barbeque in the Swan

Claire and Lorraine swap cards and presents

Apple and Pippa chat to Jill

Lorraine's dog sits about

The pub gang

Abigail tries to escape

Lorraine hides


Bill has a half pint

Lorraine with some sort of soft toy

Lorraine pulls a pint

Paul isn't quite sure

Claire gets in some practice

Alan introduces Abigail to Colin

Alan and the baby

The game is on in the Tibenham Greyhound

Phil cues up the jukebox

Bill lobs an arrow

Outside, Wavy and Phil graze on left-over food

Phil looks unsure

Suey and Bill on the road

Wavy and Bill read the paper outside the Cock Inn

Suey has a roll-up

Bill is Count Chipula

Suey and Wavy