Debach Airfield Open Day - 12th June 2005

The day after the Debach 40s-themed dance, the airfield holds an open-day. Many of the participants from the night before (including DH) are still roaming around in costume, and several more military vehicles arrive during the morning. Maurice Hammond, from Eye, does a flypast in his Mustang, and Nosher and DH get to poke around a Sherman tank for a bit

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A traditional campsite fry-up

The ATC cadets do some drill

A vintage motorbike churns out some impressive pollution

Bill does a convincing impression of Jon Culshaw

Bill suddenly realises that The Boy Phil has rolled up his keys and mobile phone in the packed tent. We phone it to make sure and, yes, the tent 'rings'

A truck with machine guns on it called 'Claire'

The leaping cat on the front end of a 40s Jaguar

DH roams around in his RAF gear, and even gets a salute from one of the ATC boys

A nice hot cup of tea from a van

The pilot's cockpit instruments from a B24 Liberator

Marc gets quizzed on uniform authenticity by a passing ARP warden

A clever reconstruction of an unexploded bomb site, complete with regularly-appearing smoke

Marc in one of the control-tower rooms

Sue peers through an opening

A 1:24 scale model of the B24 Liberator 'Hookem Cow'

The Sherman tank rumbles past the control tower

The ATC lads take a break

Maurice's Mustang does a display

Some geezer gets a trip in the tank. Check out the eyes: this guy looks seriously worried

DH in the tank

The tank radio

Nosher and DH peer out of the machine-gunner and driver's hatches

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A traditional campsite fry-up