A 1940s Do At Debach Airfield, Debach, Suffolk - 11th June 2005

DH gets wind of a VE-day celebration dance, in 1940s style, at Debach Airfielf near Woodbridge in Suffolk. Before too long, fancy-dress fever grips the gang as various costumes are purchased from e-Bay and various costumiers around the country in order to go with something of a suitable vintage (or at least with a nod to the period). The gig comes complete with camping privileges, so we arrive 45 minutes early to set up camp (after several attempts to find a spot after first pitching next to a pig shed, then where the line-up of military vehicles will end up and finally being "not quite in the alotted space"). Fourth time lucky. When the event commences, there's an impressive array of military uniforms, Home Guard, land girls and evacuees, accompanied by the swing band "Sticky Wicket", plus the entertaining arrival of a Sherman tank during the proceedings

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DH leans against his 'tent'

Captain Bill adjusts his tie

Marc, Sue, Phil, Bill, David and Jen

The 'bar' hangar

Phil, Jen and Sue read up about another 40s thrash

Marc, Bill and DH chat to one of the wardens (who seemed to do at least 10 costume changes over the two days)

DH chats to the 'tank boys'

Captain on deck

A ladder is retrieved from somewhere... Nosher climbs up to take a photo of the dance

A Willys jeep arrives

The tank boys rumble in dramatically in a Sherman tank - the result of a 5-year restoration project

Marc stands in front of the tank, like a scene out of 'Private Ryan' or something

The Sherman driver leaps off the tank, grabbing the end of the muzzle on the way

A couple of WWII veterans from the 493rd bomb group (left) and the 8th Air Force (right)

Smoe MPs check out a passing civvy

The Boy Phil in his RAF threads

Marc has a roll-up on the go, and does a spookily-convinving GI impersonation

Sue finds the least-convenient thing possible to clean her specs on: the bottom of Jen's trousers

Some swinging action

Like a school disco, onlookers look on sheepishly from the sidelines

Marc has a doze

'Sticky Wicket', the band

The crowd applauds the band

The venue after the crowds have dispersed

The tank boys share a moment outside

Jen and Sue hang out by the donut van and banage to scrounge some spare pancakes

Back at the campsite

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DH leans against his 'tent'