Bill and GI Marc in the Swan

Bill and GI Marc in the Swan

Nosher in RAF gear

Suey as a WRAF sergeant

Marc at the bar

Bill, Suey and DH

Marc has a little sleep

DH reads some paperwork

DH stands by his 'tent'

Captain Bill adjusts his tie

The gang walk to the hangars

Marc, Sue, Phil, Bill, David and Jen

Inside the dance hangar

Jen, Bill and Suey

Marc the GI

An Apprentice Sergeant, US Navy captain and GI

DH and Marc

The Boy Phil

Suey and Marc

Bill ponders his next move at the bar

Phil, Jen and Suey

Marc, Bill and DH chat to one of the wardens

Clive 'Chickens' and Suzanne dance around

In black and white, it could almost be the war

Not entirely 1940s sunglasses

DH chats to the 'tank boys'

The tank lads

Captain on deck

Benches outside the hangar

A ladder is held up by Richard, the co-owner

Richard checks the time

A Willys jeep arrives

A Sherman tank appears, after a 5-year restoration

Marc stands in front of the tank

Heads pop up from the tank

The Sherman driver leaps off the tank

The Captain and the RAF

Jen and Suey

More dressed-up guests

Veterans from the 493rd bomb group and 8th Air Force

Marc gets a beer in

The Boy Phil in his RAF threads

Marc has a roll-up on the go

Suey cleans her specs on Jen's trousers

Some swinging action

Marc has a doze

'Sticky Wicket', the band

The crowd applaud the band

The drummer grins

The piano and bass players

DH and Suey have a dance

Marc and another US Army chap

The venue after the crowds have dispersed

Jen and Sue scrounge some spare pancakes

Back at the campsite

Suey brews up a cuppa