Spam and Jill in the White Horse

Spam and Jill in the White Horse

Wavy gives it two thumbs up

Phil scopes the menu out

Gov and Wavy

Alan, Spam and Bill do mobile phones

The BSCC in the bar

Alan scopes out the menu

Phil and Jill

Alan places an order

Pre-dinner drinks

Marc finishes a pint

Nosher gets a hug

Alan, Spam and Jill

Paul's glass is empty

Wavy finds somewhere for a little sleep

Post dinner hanging around

It's time for breakfast

Marc gets the tandem out

Milling around in the car park

Alan looks around for something

Marc and the roving repair-shop-on-wheels

Colin hauls some bikes out of his pickup

Gov tests out the back end of a tandem

Alan, Colin and Jill hang around

Marc's on the ball

There's a bit of a football kickabout

A most-of-the-group photo

Marc and DH test out the tandem for the first time

Rutland Water

Round the cycle path that skirts the water

A track through the woods

The Boy Phil rides through a bluebell wood

A fantastic bluebelled hill

Gov peels off his backpack


The wind is picking up

Gov has a drink

The strong winds churn up silt

The BSCC re-groups

Alan helps out Spammy with some running bike repairs

Outside the Horse and Jockey - our lunch stop

Suey looks over

A bunch of pansies in a hanging basket

Suey and Marc share a cuddly moment

DH gets a roll-up going

'I'm 'avin a fag'

Maps are checked for the second leg

Off again round more of the Water

The recently renovated Wheatsheaf, Normanton

Paul and Wavy

Pippa holds a glass up

Claire's got dark shades on

DH checks his shots

Marc looks down

A couple of old dudes are out for a ride

DH gets a liquorice-paper roll-up on the go

DH on the roll-ups

Gov with a hat on

The partially-submerged church at Normanton

Phil and Suey peer in through the windows

Wavy decides to have a paddle

Wavy scrambled back to the shore

Wavy's a little bit damp

Wavy's shoe adds to the stonework above a window

DH takes a photo over the water

Looking up at the steeple

Marc takes the tandem around for a solo spin

We head back from Normanton Church

A bunch of lambs play 'king of the castle'

Gov has a serviette on his head

The BSCC at dinner

Jen looks surprised

Marc's got his tea finger out

The BSCC does dinner

Something riotously funny occurs

Some sort of five-way finger trap

Spam and John Willy get ready to head off

The White Horse at Empingham

An old school

A quaint thatched cottage

Six miles from Oakham, our previous venue

Spam and John

The Sagas head home