The BBs return to the Banham Cider Shed

The BBs return to the Banham Cider Shed

There' a rock band playing in the Waterfront

More rock band action in the Waterfront in Diss

The guitar player looks all wistful

Phil and Marc by the bar in the Waterfront Inn

It's not the best pub for pogoing

Some rock fans get it on

A rock fan totally wigs out to some heavy sounds

Marc and The Boy Phil in Istanbul Kebab, Diss

Suey and Marc in the kebab shop

Jen, Marc and Phil in the Istanbul Kebab Shop

Phil looks startled in the kebab shop

Scoffing kebabs on Mere Street

Marc shows off some partly-chewed lettuce to Jen

The police of Diss do a drive-by

The kebab shop is packed

The path on The Lows

Thirteen Senses are on at the Waterfront

Thirteen Senses in action

There's a light coming out of the singer's head

A field full of flowers

Bright red berries

Clare brings her new sprog into Matrix House

The baby gets played with in the office

The back road from Walsham le Willows

Cow parsley flowers

Wes plays single releases in a secret gig at Revs

Upstairs at Revs

Wes cues up the next single on the deck

Vehicle A is in ATS in Diss for some work

Richard at ATS does a tyre change

Nosher's Vehicle 'A' gets its front brakes done

A heap of tyres

A heap of exhausts

a carpet of golden leaves

Vehicle A on the road from Walsham le Willows

A field of bright yellow oilseed rape

A bug flies away from an oilseed flower

A nice pink rose

A field of red poppies in Wetherden

A field of barley