Nosher's favourite groyne at Barton on Sea

Nosher's favourite groyne at Barton on Sea

Barton cliff tops

Nosher and Holly, the cat

Michelle and Sydney

Sydney with Sean

Sean bricks up his kitchen door

Nosher brings Sydney a snowglobe from Australia

Syd with a ball

A small fluffy dog on Lymington Quay

More well-worn fishing boats at Lymington

A seagull on a post

A small tender with a thick rope fender

Matt and Sis on the Quay at Lymington

Grey clouds over the river

Matt and Sis roam around on Quay Street

Scoping around the tourist traps

Sis and Matt stroll down Gosport Street

Over in Sway, Hamish is spraying his bike down

Hamish washes his bike down

Hamish outside his garage

Hamish's latest sprog - Kira

Hamish and Kira

Julian has taken to wearing a tie a lot

Tim Simpson does a speech

Luke stands up to do some sort of acceptance

Bill hands out some presents

Isobel gets ready with chopsticks

Richard Panton with Dave and Chewie

Isobel, armed with chopsticks

Tim spoons out some sweet and sour

Craig looks up

The Qualcomm gang

IT dude James, over a monitor

Nosher's cloned Swiss-Cheese plants