A Stomp Down South and Luke Leaves for San Diego, Lymington and Cambridge - 13th March 2005

The day after Mike's 70th birthday do, it's time for another wander around the old patch down south. Nosher wanders around Sean and Michelle's to find Sean bricking up his kitchen door to stop the cat getting out, then it's off to Lymington to meet up with Sis and brother-in-law for a pastie, and then a trip round to Hamish's to see what's occuring. A week later, Luke from Qualcomm Cambridge is leaving to go to work at head office in San Diego for a couple of years. As such, we have a send-off at the Chinese Restaurant on the roundabout at Caxton, between Cambridge and Papworth

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Nosher's favourite groyne

Barton cliff tops

Nosher and Holly, the cat

Michelle and Sydney

Sydney with Sean

Sydney squashes Sean's nose

Sean bricks up his kitchen door

Nosher brings Sydney a snowglobe all the way from Sydney, Australia

Syd with a ball

A small fluffy dog on Lymington Quay

A fishing boat at Lymington festooned with flourescent fenders

A seagull on a post

Matt and Sis on the Quay at Lymington

Grey clouds over the river

Matt and Sis roam around lon Quay Street

Scoping around the tourist traps

Over in Sway, Hamish is spraying his bike down

Hamish washes his bike down

Hamish outside his garage

Hamish's latest sprog - Kira

Hamish and Kira

Back in Cambridge, Julian has taken to wearing a tie a lot

Tim Simpson does a speech

Luke stands up to do some sort of acceptance

Bill hands out some presents

Luke gets a Cambridge edition of Monopoly

Isobel, John and Tim wrangle some pancakes

Isobel, armed with chopsticks

Tim spoons out some sweet and sour

Craig looks up

The Qualcomm gang

IT dude James, over a monitor

Nosher's cloned Swiss-Cheese plants

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Nosher's favourite groyne