Barton-on-Sea and Lymington, Hampshire - 13th March 2005

The day after Mike's 70th birthday do, it's time for another wander around the old patch down south. Nosher wanders around Sean and Michelle's to find Sean bricking up his kitchen door to stop the cat getting out, then it's off to Lymington to meet up with Sis and brother-in-law for a pastie, and then a trip round to Hamish's to see what's occuring.

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Barton cliff tops

The Beachcomber café - another few decades and it will be eaten by the sea

Michelle and Sydney - Nosher's god-daughter

Sydney with daddy (Sean)

Squash the nose

Sean bricks up his kitchen door. Behind lurks his scumavan

Nosher brings Sydney a snowglobe all the way from Sydney, Australia

Syd with a ball

A fishing boat at Lymington festooned with flourescent fenders

Matt and Sis on the Quay at Lymington

Scoping around the tourist traps

Matt and Sis wander off to find their car

Hamish washes his bike down

Hame-sprog 3: Kira

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Barton cliff tops