The new ISP lays in a 6mbps fibre connection

The new ISP lays in a 6mbps fibre connection

The trench leads out into the car park

Matrix House

A shower of sparks

Sparks dance inside the stove pipe

The cutting is nearly done

The Sock nests on Nosher's pillow

Nosher does a self-portrait

Some old Safeway herbs and spices

Sophie perches on a tree-stump

Soph-bags mooches around on the roof of Vehicle 1.0

Max and Henry set their gear up

Rob and Max tune up for a practice session

Henry behind his kit

Jo waves around some paperwork

Rob twangs his Telecaster

The BBs try out band photos in the youth club hall

Dave-dood in the Cambridge Green Dragon

Craig gurns for the camera

Dave, Craig and Nick in the Green Dragon

Nick, Dave and Craig on the footbridge over the Cam

The Green Dragon

Craig inspects a DVD burner in Cambridge Computers

The Sock perches on Nosher's booze collection

Mark Joseph in Revolution Recorsd

Mark does a guitar and vocals session

Mark in Revs

More singing

Mark Joseph

Applause from the audience at the end of the gig

Mark signs some CDs

Hazel behind the counter

Mark signs a CD for Daisy Lawrence

Signing a poster

Mark shakes hands

Wes looks nonplussed

Mark packs up as Wes has a chat

Mark Joseph and the Revs gang