The Green Dragon and Mark Joseph at Revolution Records, Cambridge and Diss - 16th February 2005

Various random things happen during the bleak, dark month of February: Floods of sparks and fun with angle-grinders as an old bit of stove pipe is cut to try and prevent some excess diesel-smoke blow back; then the BBs have a rehearsal and ad-hoc recording session; the Trigenix boys meet up at The Green Dragon in Cambridge, and finally Mark Joseph is back at Revolution Records in Diss for an in-store.

next album: Fiddler on the Roof and a Railway Inn Quiz, Gislingham and Mellis, Suffolk - 17th February 2005
previous album: Tsunami-Aid at the Greyhound, Botesdale, Suffolk - 5th February 2005

Qualcomm's new ISP lays in a new 6mbps fibre connection

The trench leads out into the car park

Matrix House

A shower of sparks

Sparks dance inside the stove pipe

The cutting is nearly done

The Sock nests on Nosher's pillow. One day the half-finished re-decoration will be completed

Nosher does a self-portrait

Some old Safeway herbs and spices

Sophie perches on a tree-stump

Soph-bags mooches around on the roof of the remains of Vehicle 1.0

Max and Henry set their gear up

Rob and Max tune up for a practice session

Henry behind his kit

Jo waves around some paperwork

Rob twangs his Telecaster

The BBs mess around trying band photos in the youth club hall

Dave-dood in the Cambridge Green Dragon

Craig gurns for the camera

Dave, Craig and Nick

Nick, Dave and Craig on the footbridge over the Cam

The Green Dragon

Craig inspects a DVD burner in Cambridge Computers

The Sock perches on Nosher's booze collection

Mark Joseph in Revs

Mark does a guitar and vocals session

Mark in Revs

More singing

Mark Joseph

Mark signs some CDs

Mark signs a CD for Daisy Lawrence

Signing a poster

Mark shakes hands

Wes looks nonplussed

Mark packs up as Wes has a chat

Mark Joseph and the Revs gang

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Qualcomm's new ISP lays in a new 6mbps fibre connection