New Year's Eve and Day - 31st December 2004, 1st January 2005

New Year's Eve 2004 was a quiet night up the pub with some of the gang. There's all the usual stuff: standing on a traffic bollard in the middle of the A140 and mooning; wedgies; seeing how many Iced Gems you could stuff into your mouth at once and, the day after, a cycle ride out to Thornham Four Horseshoes for a bit of "hair of the dog".

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MC Marcey-Marc gives it gang-sign

Al, Sylvie and Al's mum

An unexpected close-up of Paul

Sue lights up one of her trademark single-strand roll-ups

Paul stares up at the sky looking for a Space Tribble to go with the one on Claire's top

Bill and Marc decide to pull their trousers down. All of a sudden, there are three moons in the night sky

Marc piles in to the bog to put Bill off from having a wee

In the middle of the A140 - the main Ipswich to Norwich Road - Marc does another moon

Then it's Bill's turn to get his arse out for the world

A piece of paper, previously stuck to Apple's forehead, falls off and is capture in mid-flight

Marc shows Nosher a camera-photo of Nosher

Sue begs Bill not to stick peanuts down his pants. 'Keep them in the bowl, Bill...'

Marc pretty much says: 'I've guffed again. So what?'. DH makes an impromptu gask-mask with his top

Next up, the challenge is on to stuff as many Iced Gems in the gob at once as is possible

Billy Boy nearly passes out with the effort

Sue helps Marc in giving Bill a wedgie in order to check for skid-marks (Bill is obviously wearing huge pants as they nearly reach up to his shoulders)

The following day, the hardcore cyclists peddle out to the Thornham Four Horseshoes (of the Apocalypse)

Fun in a phonebox. The Boy Phil wusses out and doesn't join in

Nosher stops for a wee (one of many)

A decayed tree-stump

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MC Marcey-Marc gives it gang-sign