New Year's Eve at the Brome Swan, Brome, Suffolk - 31st December 2004

It's a quiet night up the Brome Swan, featuring all the usual activities: standing on a traffic bollard in the middle of the A140 and mooning, wedgies and seeing how many Iced Gems you could stuff into your mouth at once. On the day after, there's a cycle ride out to Thornham Four Horseshoes for a bit of "hair of the dog"

next album: Sausages at the Swan and Revs Gets Decorated, Diss and Brome, Norfolk and Suffolk - 7th January 2005
previous album: A Day with Sis, Matt and the Old Man, Saxmundham, Suffolk - 28th December 2004

Marc gives it some sort of gang sign

Alan, Sylvia and Nana

Nana in full flow

Apple sticks his hands up

Some sort of rock/paper/scissors

Nana again

Claire and Paul outside the pub

Bill is the first to get his arse out (as usual)

Marc joins in with the mooning

The Boy Phil looks up

Bill's on the phone

Marc's in the bog trying to put Bill off

Marc is singing

Marc climbs on to a bollard in the middle of the A140

Bill shows his arse off again, on a bollard

Apple grins

Pippa looks up to Marc

Marc shows off a mobile phone picture of Nosher

Bill's got a bowl of Iced Gems

Marc has guffed

Marc disowns the fart

Marc stuffs in a load of Iced Gems

Bill attempts to stuff even more in

Marc wins the face-stuffing contest

Bill and Marc shake on it

Sylvia and Nana

Bill roams around blind-folded

Marc gives bill a wedgie

Suey pulls Bill's pants right up to his shoulders

On New Year's Day, Bill's in the Thornham Four Horseshoes

Ninja M

Ninja M and Bill in a K6 phone box in Thornham

Ninja M gets back on his bike

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Marc gives it some sort of gang sign