Craig and the gang eat

Craig and the gang eat

Peter tells one of his legendary jokes

Nick does bunny ears behind Martin

Chewie eats some fruit salad

Craig lines up for an over-the-head shot

Dave, Stef and Luke discuss chocolate torte

James and Liam

Trigenix CFO, Andrew Clarke and Steve

Tim Simpson

The Spanish Office: Therése and colleague

Therése turns the tables on Nosher


Our Netherlands Office: Otto

James, the I.T. Guy

Dan exacts revenge with his own camera

Julian, Jim, and a guy from Farnborough

Dr. Irwin Jacobs, Chairman and CEO

Paul Jacobs

Sanjay Jha does a PowerPoint

Sanjay Jha, President Qualcomm QCT

The Qualcomm board

Irwin Jacobs again

Sanjay Jha ponders

Something funny occurs

Peggy Johnson of Qualcomm

Back in Cambridge, there's another presentation

More amusement

Bill Munday looks at the proceedings

Paul Jacobs with Tim Simpson

Steve shows off a phone demo