Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - 5th-6th October 2004

The tour of the Far East (well, Bangkok and bits of Australia at least) continues with a day-and-a-half in Melbourne. Melbourne turns out to be a rather nice city...

next album: Uluru and the Red Centre, Northern Territory, Australia - 8th-10th October 2004
previous album: A Working Trip to Bangkok, Thailand - 2nd-4th October 2004

The collonade outside the Queen Victoria Market

Elizabeth Street

A funky 30s-style building on the Mall

Parliament Station, and one of the old trams on the City Circle line

The main steps of the Parliament Building

The old Treasury museum

The conservatory in the botanical gardens

Sinclair's Cottage

Flinder's Street Station

An Aboriginal Didj player

The view from the top of the Rialto Towers: apparently the southern hemisphere's tallest building

Some passing tourists oblige by taking aphoto of Nosher at the top

Rialto Tower

In the evening, Nosher ends up at a funky bar with some groovy live music

The Melbourne pad

Queen Victoria market stalls

The Stork Hotel on Elizabeth Street

The City Baths on Victoria Street

Inside old Melbourne Gaol

The remaining cell block

Looking down Flinder's Street

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The collonade outside the Queen Victoria Market