The collonade outside the Queen Victoria Market

The collonade outside the Queen Victoria Market

Elizabeth Street, probably

Elizabeth Street

A funky 30s-style building on the Mall

A busker fires up his guitar

A living statue on a box

Funky rainbow horses

A Melbourne street

A City Circle tram outside Parliament Station

The main steps of the Parliament Building

The old Treasury museum

Inside the conservatory in the botanical gardens

The Conservatory

Sinclair's Cottage

Flinder's Street Station

There's some police action on Swanston Street

An Aboriginal Didjeridoo player

Train timetable at Flinder's Street

Flawless Flowers in Flinder's Street station

The departure board

A Melbourne church

People on the street

The view from the top of the Rialto Towers

Melbourne from the Rialto Towers

A view straight down

Some passing tourists takre a photo of Nosher

Rialto Tower

Chinatown by night

Cars stream past

The 72 bus to Camberwell

Nosher ends up in a bar with some live music

A band in action

The band in a small marquee annex

The Melbourne pad

Nosher's kitchen for a couple of days

The Melbourne apartment

A fish market

Fish in Queen Victoria Market

A meat stall

Fruit and veg

Inside the covered market

Massive spring onions

The crafts and clothing section

Platform shoes outside the market

The Stork Hotel on Elizabeth Street

The public baths on Victoria Street

Inside old Melbourne Gaol

Some dude tries on Ned Kelly's helmet

The remaining cell block

Melbourne Gaol

Looking down Flinder's Street