A Trip to Ickworth House, Horringer, Suffolk - 22nd August 2004

My mate Dave "Trotsky" M, from Oz, and his chum Robbie, who'd visited Nosher several years ago, came over for the weekend for plenty of beer, food and a bit of cultural enlightenement, courtesy of a trip to a unique stately home.

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Dave catches up on all the important news of the day (not)

The unusally-shaped Ickworth House; the original rotunda and two long wings added later

Dave and Robbie amble up to the entrance

Wandering around the formal gardens

Rob does a 'Paulus the Wood-Gnome' impersonation

Ickworth is big on tree stumps: many interesting ones feature in their 'Stumpery'

The back, but altogether more attractive, side of the house

Sitting on the steps outside the Orangery (or Lemonary, really)

A quick stop-off at the Cotton Trowel and Hammer on the way home

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Dave catches up on all the important news of the day (not)