Shottisham Camping Weekend 13th - 15th August 2004

The "cycling splinter group" do their annual camping trip, this year to St Margaret's Campsite in Shottisham near Woodbridge in Suffolk (possibly the world's most lacksadaisically-run site, notwithstanding the owner eventually letting us off for pitching in the wrong field). This year was a gentler 30-odd-mile ride from Shottisham through Bawdsey, across the ferry to Felixstowe Ferry, through Walton, up to Woodbridge and back. Of course, various pubs were involved on the way...

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Marc and Sue in the 'base pub' - the Sorrel Horse in Shottisham

Apple and Pippa

DH chats to the landlord, Ken, about Bawdsey radar and the 'Chain Home' system

Jon 'Ninja' Mortlock takes his comfort blankie to bed :-)

Sue makes tea

Marc substitutes a packet of biccies for his genitalia...

...and then offers them around...

and then shows the results of mastication

Next morning, it's tent city

Outside the Ramsholt Arms, on the River Deben

A brief stop in Alderton

At the ferry at Bawdsey. The sign says to 'Wave bat for ferry'...

...which Bill dutifully does

Jen has a paddle in the river...

...whilst Sue writes her name in the sand

On the ferry 'cross the river. DH looks after the bikes

At the Ferryboat Inn, Felixstowe Ferry

On the way to Walton, on the outskirts of Felixstowe, we spot a whole line of vintage tractors

Entertaining pub-sign humour

Inside the 'Half Moon' at Walton

Nosher plays the piano for a bit

Next pub along, and Bill and Sue play on the slide

Perhaps the prettiest pub in Suffolk, which unfortunately we didn't stop in as it didn't open all day

A field of pumpkins

Pub 4, The Red Lion, on the edge of Martlesham

Pub 5, The Wilford Bridge, near Sutton Hoo on the edge of Woodbridge. More beer...

Sue scopes out a tiny caterpillar through Nosher's printers' magnifier (well, doesn't everyone carry one?)

Apple and Pip on the bridge over the river Deben

There's always something that fascinates me about Turf Fields: 20 acres of lawn

Pub 6, and the end of the line, back at the Sorrel Horse in Shottisham

Caz joins the gang for food and vodka

DH inspects 'The List'

Marc shows off a crab

Bill guffs and nearly gasses out the entire pub

Claire, the cute barmaid, and Ken the landlord

Claire pokes Marc awake with a large stick

Claire applies a plaster to Bill's finger after he gets it shredded by Bageira the pub cat

Next morning

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Marc and Sue in the 'base pub' - the Sorrel Horse in Shottisham