BSCC Sponsored Bike Ride to Norwich - 17th July 2004

A 56-mile roundtrip to Norwich and back, in aid of the East Anglian Air Ambulance. A few pubs on the route, a nosh-up at Norwich and some monsoon weather to dodge.

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First stop: the Globe

Bill or Ben, either way: a flowerpot man

Milling around and drinking beer...

Destination: The Cottage in Norwich

Claire looks after Raineysprog, Abigail

Phil watches the rain

inside, it's lunchtime

Sue and Sazzle hide out in the kids' treehouse

Sheltering under the verandah

Bill wants in on the fun

Alan models his kagool

Rainey takes time out to hang with the gang for a few minutes

On the way back, a return to The Globe

Out in the sticks

Bill sees if he can twizzle the no-entry sign around

A brief chocolate-and-coke refuel on the way back at Pulham Market Crown

The weather provides a brief reminder of what summer can be

Cycling through Thelveton, on the old A140, a monsoon breaks out so we hide out in a handy phone box

...hence the heap of rapidly-abandonned bicycles

Nosher splinters off on his own

Billingford windmill

The river Waveney near Billingford

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First stop: the Globe