Longview play Revolution Records, Diss, Norfolk - 2nd July 2004

One of Nosher's favourite Indie bands of the moment - Longview - are playing an "in-store" session at Revolution Records in Diss, where there is also a bunch of fellow fans from the Longview forum, including Quantum Jelly, Orangejumper and Good Will Out. The gang from Revs supply the beers, and Nosher even gets to be roadie for a while, helping the band lug gear to their van waiting on Chapel Street. That adds to the count of bands Nosher has roadied for, which also includes New Model Army in Plymouth in the 1980s

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A heavy has driven off the A14 on the way back from work

The trailer is hanging precariously over the embankment

Hazel, Mark and Donna in Revs

Doug Morch looks over

The sound guy sets up

Wes and Hazel of Revs

Doug on his trademark Silver-top Gretsch

Rob McVey warms up

The band get into it

Longview in action

Matt Dobbs on his rhythm egg and tambourine drumkit

Doug Morch

Rob has a hair moment

The staff from Revs

The gang from the Longview Internet forum (and mum)

The band sign posters and CDs

More signing

Doug, Aidan Banks, Matt and Rob do a band pose

Some CD signing

GoodWillOut and Orangejumper talk to the sound guy

Rob interacts with the fans

Donna gets a few CDs signed for the shop

Wes chats to a customer

The band achieve the pinnacle of being in the Diss Express

Rob inspects another CD

Revs CD shop

Rob McVey has a quick pouty twang on his guitar

The band pack up

Doug puts his pedal board away

Doug looks a bit forlorn as the rest of the band head to the van

Rob takes a call on Mere Street

On the phone

Rob carries a couple of guitars up Mere Street

Loading up the gear into a van on Chapel Street

The whole band is out

Nosher heads off to get a sausage from Andy's van on the market place

A fruit and veg stall on Diss market

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A heavy has driven off the A14 on the way back from work