Sean's flaming barbeque and Scumavan awning

Sean's flaming barbeque and Scumavan awning

Sean, Michelle and Rowan in a Scumavan awning

Nosher gets a go of the sprog

Sean and the baby Rowan

Rowan looks like he's after Sean's can of beer

Sean stuffs some food into his gob

Sean has some sort of marshmallow on a stick

Sydney roams around, being not very asleep

The view out of the tent, and frying sausages

Michelle and Sydney in the caravan

Sean is also frying up

Rowan pokes his head above the cot

The Norden Farm camspite is also a farm

Corfe High Street

A look towards Corfe Castle

The Fox Inn, Corfe

The castle has just opened, so it's very quiet

Nosher burns up to the top and is first there

Another view from the top of the castle

The keep, wrecked during the English Civil War

The Swanage Steam Train trundles by

A view of Corfe from the castle

Another view of the tenuously-standing keep

Another broken wall

St. Peter's Church at Knowle

The red flag warns that army ranges are all around

Near the top of Povington Hill

A selfie on Povington - this camera's 10,000th pic

Nosher's trusty bike and backpack

A giant chess set outside the Castle Inn, Lulworth

Nosher and red hair outside the Castle Inn pub

More Dorset thatches

The Castle Inn

The cove next to Durdel Door

The famous Durdle Door

Almost perfectly-round coves

Another view of Durdle Door

A dog on the beach near Durdle Door

Another view of Durdle Cove

Walking back on the steep cliff path

Looking towards Lulworth Cove

The lapping waves of Lulworth Cove

A wheeled boat pontoon

Inside the Greyhound's beer tent

Drive 250 miles and there's still Adnams beer on

Nosher at the Greyhound beer festival

Daytime drinkers in the beer garden

A view of the Greyhound pub

Michelle tries to feed Rowan, as Jean holds on

Sydney roams around again

Bob gets into trouble for stirring Sydney up

Nosher's camped in Tent city

Nosher's tent looks a bit bedraggled

Sean's caravan

Michelle and the babies