Camping at Corfe Castle, Dorset - 29th-31st May 2004

Nosher blows the fascist popsicle stand that is life to sort his head out and escapes for a bit to the south coast, and an area he hasn't been to since school and geology field trips: Swanage, Lulworth and Corfe Castle. Part of the reason is also to meet up with old chum Sean, Michelle, Rowan and god-daughter Sydney Jessica. Nosher drove 250 miles in less than four hours without even arranging where to meet up, but flukily bumped in Michelle and Syd outside the campsite's reception building. Talk about planning...

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Shortly after arrival I meet up at Sean's Scumavan!

Sean, Micky and baby Rowan

Nosher is left holding the baby. Rowan's so well behaved, even Nosher could imagine having one :-)

Sean, with new number-3 haircut, brandishes some barbequed marshmallows on sticks

Syd stays up late and mills around, generally not sleeping much

Next morning, following the obligatory fry-up. The entire campsite (which was not small) was busily engaged in more-or-less the same activity

Meanwhile, Sean does the same thing in his caravan

Rowan peers over the top of his crib

Norden Farm campsite is on a working farm: some of the cuter animals are kept near the entrance to entertain the kids

The High Street of Corfe

Looking towards the castle over the top of the Greyhound Pub from the Churchyard

Inside the castle compound. It was deliberately destroyed by parlimentarians in the English Civil War

From the keep, looking out over the town

Nosher was the first one to the top when it opened, and had the place to himself for five or ten minutes, which was a bonus

The Swanage steam train trundles by in the valley below

The main keep

The gatehouse

Nosher ventured off for a 25-mile bike ride through some very hilly terrain to Durdle Door and back. First stop: the church of St Peter's at Church Knowle

The route goes through the centre of the Ministry of Defence's Lulworth live-firing Range. Red flags signify UXBs or something

Another photo courtesy of the self-timer at the top of Povington Hill. Fantastic views in all directions (at the expense of some steep hills). This also marks the 10,000th photo on this camera!

Another view, with Poole Harbour in the far distance

The trusty Marin and Nosher's bow-tied rucksack pose for a shot

First pub stop is the lovely Castle Inn at West Lulworth, complete with giant game of chess outside

The gorgeous Man O' War Bay is the reward at the half-way point. Not often the seas around the UK look that nice

Looking down towards Durdle Door

With nothing to prop the camera on for a self-portrait, a shot of Nosher's feet has to suffice to say 'I was here'

Looking along the cliff towards Bat's Head with a collie on the beach herding a ball

A load of jet-bikers turn up

Back at the top of the cliff

Looking back along the South West Coastal path...

...and on towards Lulworth Cove and the infestation of cars

Lulworth Cove

Back at The Greyhound in Corfe for a bit of a beer festival moment

250 miles from Suffolk, and they even have Adnams' 'Regatta' available

Later on, meeting back up with the gang, Grandma Jean and Bob turn up for a barbie

Syd does some more 'I'm not sleeping' milling around

Bob tries to scare her to bed by exposing his torso

On the final morning: tent city at 7.30am

Michelle sorts out breakfast for the sprogs

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Shortly after arrival I meet up at Sean's Scumavan!