Food and drinks at Trigenix

Food and drinks at Trigenix

Bill gets some food

Steve Ives and Martin

Mindy re-heats something

A huge vat of Mexican pork stew

Bob slurps on a beer

Julian chats about something

Bill checks some sausages on the fire escape

Bill does a bit of a Ray Mears

Bill checks on barbeque B

Jackie in the kitchen

Andy and Mikey-P

Paul, Jackie, the Kiwi girl and Lou

Kitchen conversation

Clare does some more raspberry smoothie

Mikey starts on the road to vodka ruin

We're out on the Town Moors to play frisbee

Wavy's in goal

Back up the fire esapce

Mikey's dropped something

Wavy plays a bit of mini Djambe

Andy and Mike

Mike bops along to 'great military themes'

Wavy occupies a sofa

Guv organises some 'alternative' horse-racing

Andy with a stuffed toy

Wavy gets some sleep and hugs a floppy elephant

Mikey exhibits a burger

Messing around in the kitchen

Jess appears a bit later on

Wavy and Jess (and a bit of John Tate's hair)

Gov and Mikey-P share a moment

Lou looks at photos

Mikey does 'Blue Steel'

Mikey shows off a purple plate

Jess gets herself some pudding

Clare does a spot of washing up

Mikey and Gov flake out

Nosher and Jess go to Long Stratton for Chinese

Jen pours a coke

Chinese takeaway in the back yard

Wavy looks up

Jess washes up

Jess slumps out on some cushions

Waves and Jen have a nice cup of tea