Mikey-P and Clares "Up on the Roof" Fire-Escape Barbeque - 22nd May 2004

The Mikey-P Massive have a barbie thrash around their pad - the penthouse suite, in Eye. There follows the requisite amounts of food, a game of "novelty flying disc" in the nearby recreation ground and Mikey's "vodka moments" (thanks to Clare's respberry and vodka smoothies). The following day, Nosher goes round to Pulham to fix a computer and stays on for a bit of Chinese take-away.

next album: Birthdays at The Swan and Aldringham Hall, Aldringham, Suffolk - 24th May 2004
previous album: The BBs do Gissing Hall and a Night in the Front Garden, Gissing and Brome, Norfolk and Suffolk - 14th May 2004

Bill checks some sausages at the top of the fire-escape

A view from the top

Bill does a bit of a Ray Mears and blows up the flames

and then checks the other 'q'

Jackie in the kitchen

Andy and Mikey-P

Paul, Jackie, the Kiwi girl and Lou

Guv sleeps standing up

Clare does some more raspberry smoothie

Mikey starts on the road to vodka ruin

Out in the fields to play frisbee

Wavy plays a bit of mini Jambe

Unbelievably, Mike bops along to 'great military themes'. The rest of the crowd is aghast

Guv organises some 'alternative' horse-racing

Andy with a stuffed toy

Wavy gets some sleep and hugs a floppy elephant

Mikey exhibits a burger

Jess appears a bit later on

Wavy and Jess (and a bit of John Tate's hair)

John Tate sees off Wavy

Bill plays with a bleating, walking 'Sean the Sheep'

Mikey checks for floating objects in Paul's eye (or something)

Mikey shows off a purple plate

Jess gets herself some pudding

Mikey licks a spoon

Guv and Mikey get intimate on the sofa

Clare does a spot of washing up

The next day, after some computer fixing, Nosher and Jess head off to Long Stratton for some take-away

We make the most of the sunshine and eat outside

Jess slumps out on some cushions

Waves and Jen have a nice cup of tea

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Bill checks some sausages at the top of the fire-escape