Craig, Dave and Nick in a machine room somewhere

Craig, Dave and Nick in a machine room somewhere

Nick looks at a Switch

The boys outside the Sanger Centre

Nick, Dave and Nosher

Nick looks at his camera

We wander off across the car park

The Sanger Centre

These are a step up from the usual 'kettle leads'

Dave's colleagure shows us a new Blade Server - Intel Xeon, 1GB memory

A rack with hundreds of servers in it

Pallets of 1U servers, replaced by a couple of rows of blades

Craig points to some massive storage device

Nosher takes a photo

Craig next to a 125kV power supply

We head off to the pub

Nick takes photos in the car park

Walking pass the conference centre

Hinxton Hall

On the path to the pub, with Hinxton Hall behind

The Hinxton Red Lion

Craig orders a Bitburger

We have a beer in the garden, except Nosher who's driving

Food occurs

Nosher's new red hair

Craig and Nosher at the pub

A dog comes up for a scrounge

Stomping back to Sanger

Standing by the back gate

A leafy view of the Sanger Centre

We stand by an old lightning tree, carved into a spiral of DNA

Nosher hangs out by his front door