The Sock does a bit of cleaning

The Sock does a bit of cleaning

The Boy Phil picks his tipped-over Impreza up

The Boy Phil drives his car around

The car tries out the ping-pong table

In the Green Dragon, Cambridge, Duncan eats a chip

Craig 'The Rev', Nick and Adrian

Hani, Richard Panton and Dan

Over in the Needham Red Lion, Apple blows his nose

Suey hides

Wavy, Jen and Bill doing rabbit ears

DH chats to Apple and Pip

The Mikey P massive joins us in the Hoxne Swan

The Boy Phil and DH

Sylvia's got the tickets in the Swan

Apple draws the first ticket out

Mikey P does a ticket

The Boy Phil inspects a prize

Jess gets a Milky Way egg

An unsure Paul, with Mikey P

Apple's got an Easter Egg box on his head

Gov looks over

Jess checks out a teddy bear

Colin and Jill at the bar

Mikey P pouts

Alan and Sylvia

Wavy and Mikey P

Jess reads the ingredients