Wednesday, Thursday and the BSCC inaugral bike ride - 7th-8th April 2004

Radio-controlled cars in "the complex", a leaving-do in a pub in Cambridge and the first Brome Swan Cycling Club ride of the 2004 season (complete with moistening downpour). The radio-controlled cars were as a result of the Next sale in Ipswich - two RC cars for £20 - bargain. It just had to be done, and much fun they are too...

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The Sock has a clean-up

Phil rights his upturned (mini) Subaru Impreza... Nosher's 206 heads in for a crash

a bit of ramp action

Phil watches his Impreza do its thing

The car tries out the table-tennis table for a change. Phil refuels with beer

Next day, in the Green Dragon (formerly Dog and Pheasant) on Ferry Road in Chesterton, Cambridge: Stef chats as Duncan eats a chip

Craig 'The Rev', Nick C and Adrian

Hani, Richard P and 'Stan', plus a plate of unattended food

Switch suddenly to the Brockdish Red Lion later that night: Apple blows his nose

Spammy and Sue (who's trying to hide again)

Wavy and Jen (plus Bill with the rabbit-ears)

DH, Apple and Pip

At the Hoxne Swan, The Mikey-P Massive and Clare meet up with the group

Phil and DH, plus some contemporary art on the wall

Back in the Brome Swan for the Easter Eggy draw

Apple draws a ticket

Mikey-P hsa a go. Sadly, no-one draws out any of Nosher's tickets :-(

Phil wins one of a zillion eggs

The stash

Clare and Jess

Paul and Mike-P discuss the merits of Creme Eggs

Apple somewhat fetchingly wears an easter-egg box on his head

Jess checks out a teddy bear

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The Sock has a clean-up