A birthday barbeque and a wander around Pulham - 4th April 2004

The day after Jess's birthday do, as part of the continuing celebrations, there's the first barbeque of the season followed by a few miles perambulation around Pulham. Nosher and Phil had crashed over on the floor, and so were ready to go...

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Jess and Jen fight for 'first bedsies'

then 'Sunflower' the lion gets a fondle

Jess gets some photos out of trips around Oz, NZ and Alaska

Phil has a scope

Outside, Jess's dad mans the barbeque, whilst Scoobert herds a small leaf (which he barks at every time it moves)

The new funky-feline teeshirt

Jess and Phil play with Scooby

Have apron: will cook!

Scoobert does the ear-radar thing

In this photo, it even looks sunny (which it was from time-to-time, in between the odd grey cloud and shower)

Everyone piles out to prove that they were outside for a bbq. Jess practices her trademark 'furtive feeding'

Jackie and Andy cook their 'special' burgers

The champers comes out for a birthday toast

Tyler sits on grandma's knee

Pout :-(

Jess cuts her cake (after moving the icing teddy bears out of the way)

Tyler feeds Andy a bit of burger

Scoobert, the 'black-and-white hoover' moves in to suck crumbs and scraps off the floor

Andy 'rests his eyes'

The walk around the Pulhams commences

Nosher and Phil have a quick game of 'Pooh Sticks', but Phil's gets lost so he goes down to investigate

Nosher stands on a tree

A decision is made: whether to continue or return via the already-walked path

Pulham Market green as we near the conclusion of our wanderings

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Jess and Jen fight for 'first bedsies'