It's toast and cheese for breakfast

It's toast and cheese for breakfast

The group decide what to do next

Outside Duty Nelly's

Wandering down Brugstraat

Looking over Damrak towards Centraal Station

Scoping out the shops on Damrakstraat

Phil scopes out clogs

Crossing Dam square in front of Koninklijk Palace

A woman cycles past whilst holding a plastic leg

The Anne Frank statue near the Prinsengracht house

One of these is the Anne Frank Huis

The hard-core posse split off to go and find a bar

The Boy Phil surveys the scene

An Amsterdam tram

The Boy Phil looks around

On a bridge somewhere

An Amsterdam canal

A statue somewhere

The Albert Cuyptmarket on Cuypstraat

More scenes from the Cuyptmarket

A pile of eggs and cheese

A rug stall

The fish stall

We get fresh stroopwaffels

The Boy Phil stands next to a wooden calf

Our stop for frites

We find another cow

Nosher in the Heineken brewery

The Boy Phil sticks his head in a copper fermenter

A line of nice copper fermenters

Phil on a Heineken drum kit

Nosher behind the drums

A wall made up of Heineken bottle tops

There's another bar with more 'free' beer

A Heineken bar

We meet up with Nosher's old school mate Martin

Andy eats some greens in a steak restaurant

Jamie, who 'wasn't hungry', eats half a pig

Mikey slurps on a bone

The waitress brings over a sparkling ice cream

Mikey pouts

Back in the 'interesting' section of Amsterdam

Kebab shop central

We stock up on pizza

Mikey sticks his tongue out

Andy has a kip

The boys with stag teeshirts on

Consumption capability is printed on the back

The gang in a bar somewhere

The boys look at photos on a camera

Mikey looks worse for wear

Mikey's asleep

The Boy Phil and Jamie back at the hostel

Mikey and Andy in the communual bathroom

We check out of Durty Nelly's

The weather has improved near Centraal Station

Restaurants and Sexmuseums

On the tram lines

Gov looks at hairy hats

Phil and Jimmy in a bar

Wavy shows off his new Hemp wallet

On a canal somewhere

Back at the railway station

Gov looks out from the stern of the ferry

A train-based group photo

Waiting to change trains at Stowmarket

The gang in then waiting room at Stowmarket

Mikey P, back at Diss station