The stag-weekend gang at Diss station

The stag-weekend gang at Diss station

A misty early morning on the platform at Diss

Mikey's got a tea on already

On the train to Manningtree

Wavy and Gov find something amusing

We have a quick beer at Manningtree station

Jimmy gets his stash of sausage rolls out

The gang on the train from Manningtree

We check in at the ferry terminal

At the ferry terminal at Harwich

On the walkway to the ferry

On the ferry

The Boy Phil

Tim leans over

Standing at the stern was harder than it looks

Ninja M struggles with the wind

The Boy Phil does Virtua Tennis

Mikey's on the games machines too

Tim, Gov, Wavy and Ninja M at the bar

The gang at the Hoek van Holland terminal

On the patform at Hoek Van Holland station

The gang on the top deck of a double-decker train

Wavy leans on a lamppost, like George Formby

The train waits on Platform 3

Wavy has a nap

Phil, Gov and Mikey in Durty Nelly's

The gang in the Irish pub

Mieky-P's got his stag gear on

Mike gets a snog from Wavy

Out on the streets

Mikey P and his pink deeley-boppers

The Boy Phil looks around

Phil finds a cat

Our order is taken

Hurrah for everything

Mike models his deeley-boppers

In a bar with old railway-carriage seats

Jimmy looks non-plussed

Into the more 'interesting' parts of Amsterdam

Down a back street somewhere

The red light is a clue

Bill checks out the merchandise

Bill checks more window displays out

Wandering past the famous windows

Mikey P sits back

Mikey's on the Bacardi Breezers

Mikey's fading

Bill gives a hug