A Day at the (Husky) Races, Thetford Forest - 29th February 2004

At Jess's suggestion we piled out to the forest near Lakenheath AFB on the morning after the party (actually, more like the afternoon by the time we found it). It was a gorgeous blue-sky day, crispy cold, and the Huskies were in fine voice. It's the first time Nosher has been Husky racing, and it was a top day out: a good walk around the forest followed by a pub lunch. Hurrah! (phrase of the weekend). The event was staged by BSHRA (British Siberian Husky Racing Association) - more here...

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It had been snowing again overnight (yay! at least we got a few days of real winter this year)

Scoobert mills about in the sunshine no doubt looking for a Scooby Snack

Kitchen clean-up, Guv-style

Andy brushes Tyler's teeth

A view up the road in Pulham Market

Parked up, after we finally find the location of the venue (talk about 'middle of nowhere')

A team of three Siberian Huskies at the starting line, yelping with eagerness

The UK is not known for permafrost and tundra, so these sleds are on wheels

Another team roll into the finish line (check out the tongue-length on the lead dog).

Another team makes ready. The noise (especially from a distance) totally reminded Nosher of the bit from John Carpenter's 'The Thing', were the dogs in the cage go nuts

On the trail of the Lonesome Pine

I'm not entirely sure whether this is fair or not :-)

In the woods, as we follow a mystery trail into the darkness (so many horror-film references are possible here...)

Blair Witch, anyone?

John grabs a quick rest on the roof of a small resevoir

Jess looks up at Nosher and Phil in a fire-watch tower

'Wrong Turn' movie reference here? Shortly after we'd climbed down, we ran away as we thought 'The Man' (on a quad bike) was after us. In fact, during much of the walk, we pretended that we were all 'on the run' from some un-seen foe

Even in the sticks, you're never far away from civilisation...

Back at the car, Jess plucks up courage to meet a team of Huskies

These were Malamute Huskies (apparantly), and are truly spectacular dogs

In the South Lopham Kings Head for lunch

John speaks to the landlady and gets the beers in

Tyler eats a crisp

Hurrah for everything!


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It had been snowing again overnight (yay! at least we got a few days of real winter this year)